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JUSDA’s IT customer saves $1M per year and improves the waste management

Based on performed analysis and discussion with customer, we suggested to have the products shipped from China with no power cord inside.

Jakub Válek, Graeme Strachan
Logistics experts at JUSDA

Relocation from the Netherlands: A tailor-made solution for our client

To maximize process efficiency, we have also deployed a packaging robot, an integral part of JUSDA’s intention to invest in Industry 4.0.

Jan Pachla, Lukáš Pitra
Transportation experts at JUSDA

IT company decreases residual material returns by 70% with a solution from JUSDA

Based on our experience, we wanted to create and submit new pick/kit to line processes aligned with all other warehouse related processes and thus deliver a complex solution.

Marek Jasič, Jiří Friml
Warehousing experts at JUSDA


Petr Škoda
General Manager
Miroslav Zajac
Business Development Manager
Lukáš Škodrna
Supply Chain and Excellence Delivery Manager


2018 / 02 / 16

JUSDA is using Office 365

Our company, JUSDA Europe began to use Office 365. With the modern cloud system, our work activities will become more efficient. We can now work globally, where we want, and when we want, accessing...
2018 / 02 / 01

Going Green

Within JUSDA we recognise the need to preserve the environment and are keen to support this by working with our partners to ensure we save energy and reduce our carbon footprint.

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