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with regards to the current COVID-19 situation in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands JUSDA Europe has decided to take protective measures at JUSDA sites in order to keep employees as well as employees of its partners safe and operations running, so currently all JUSDA operations are up and running.

Please find below rules which were applied for all our facilities since March 13th:


1. Respirators / face masks are recommended to be worn by drivers accessing Jusda premises

2. Disinfectant gels are recommended to be present in each truck and used by drivers as much as possible during stay in Jusda premises

3. Upon arrival to campus temperature by contactless thermometers will be measured

4. No driver with temperature higher than 37,5 °C will be allowed to enter the campus, and forwarder will be obliged to ensure solution in order the shipment to be delivered without the risk of spreading illness.

5. Drivers generally will not be allowed to enter the warehouse building

6. In case that driver must be present at the load handover - this needs to be done outside of WH space and the driver will require to wear the mask / respirator. In case the driver doesn't have respirator/mask available, access to building requires Warehouse manager special approval

7. All zones for drivers within Jusda premises (such as refreshments, smoking zones, …) will be closed

8. Handover of documentation will be done with limited personal contact - please follow the instructions of each WH building upon arrival

9. Drivers are requested to spend the idle time in their trucks as much as they can


Other preventive measures in all JUSDA sites:



JUSDA Europe would like to thank all our partners for cooperation and following these extraordinary preventive actions. We are trying to work together, as best possible to keep all our employees and coworkers safe, to keep our business and warehouse open and to support the fight against global pandemic.



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