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JUSDA Europe provides complete logistics and transportation services including integrated T&L (Transport and Logistics) solutions. We are a flexible partner trained to solve individual customer challenges and to help them meet their business goals.

Petr Škoda
General Manager

Reverse the Stream

From Asia to Europe: the prevailing direction of the Eurasian trade. World's leading exporter is China and goods and services exported to the “old continent” alone accounted for 371 billion euros in 2016. European export to China totalled 207 billion euros. But as the Chinese people get richer, their buying power raises and so does their demand for genuine European brands and products. We see this growing trend and are prepared to support new chapter of the Eurasian trade.

Miroslav Zajac
Business Development Manager

Transport and Logistics Systems Move Our World

We believe customized system solutions are the key tool to provide and guarantee the most customized, accurate, flexible and change-responsive solutions. Our WMS, TMS or SCT move products around the world.

Lukáš Škodrna
Supply Chain and Excellence Delivery Manager

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