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JUSDA Insights Transport and Logistics Systems Move Our World

Transport and Logistics Systems Move Our World

We believe customized system solutions are the key tool to provide and guarantee the most customized, accurate, flexible and change-responsive solutions. Our WMS, TMS or SCT move products around the world.

Sophisticated and customization oriented systems are the heart and a must-have of the T&L industry. Inside our 17+ years experience of serving low margin and therefore high volume, time and money savings focused customers, we have developed systems aiming to customize, ease and secure smooth flow of system and process operations. JUSDA Europe serves customers performing in greatly demanding industries. We are here to support their thousands series production delivering their products within three days from an order receipt. Therefore, there is an immense pressure on customization, speediness, accuracy and top-level flexibility and adaptability to changes.

In order to perfect our services, we update our systems continuously, in close connection with our customers. At the outset, functional systems are set up based on the proposed tailor-made solution and in accordance with the fundamental requirements of customers´ business. During the development phase we introduce upper-level properties involving automated and the more sophisticated functions of employed WMS (Warehouse Management System), TMS (Transport Management System) or JUSDA developed SCT (Supplier Collaboration Tool) amalgamating the two previous systems and facilitating real-time overview of the whole supply chain performance.

The above-mentioned systems accommodate automation technologies driving logistic methods of JIT, JIS, reworking, remodeling, binning or order picking strategies while applying automated task management, intelligent job assignment based on various criteria or vehicles navigation connected to WMS. Our systems support real-time supply visibility, track & trace functions, deliver advanced information regarding material constraints, real-time reporting & inventory data for the customer or e.g. help to optimize the freight cost by consolidating functionalities.

By employing highly sophisticated systems we guarantee a smooth, flawless, orchestrated and fast operation supporting your business performance, goals and KPIs:

Warehouse Management System
Building intelligent warehouses
Vehicles navigation connected to WMS
Optimized routes and timing
Automated tasks management
Intelligent job assignments based on various criteria
Performance traceability
Real-time reporting & Inventory data for the customer

Transportation Management System
Provides online visibility for critical shipments
Displays freight movements in real time, Track & Trace
Freight cost optimization by consolidation functionalities
Improved logistics efficiency through improved supply chain visibility
Complex solutions for: 

inbound logistics – from order to receipt, outbound logistics – from dispatch to delivery, freight settlement – from invoice to payment

Supplier Collaboration Tool
Providing real-time supply visibility
Advance information about material constraints
All data connected and synchronized with the enterprise system
Supplier material commits on one place
Performance monitoring (e.g. supplier de-commits)
Easy to access reporting, tracking and billing
Capable to work with high material complexity
Buffer rule and market share set up
Inventory turnover and EOL data management


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