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JUSDA Insights Team Up With Smartness

Team Up With Smartness

JUSDA Europe provides complete logistics and transportation services including integrated T&L (Transport and Logistics) solutions. We are a flexible partner trained to solve individual customer challenges and to help them meet their business goals.

Our strength is our people.

We engage specialists who are devoted to design the optimal, value-adding solution. Our company culture is both customer and team focused. Each one of our customers is of the same importance. We are here to solve any issue, large or small, our clients delegate to us. In JUSDA Europe, we employ the “Yes Approach” - there is a solution to (almost) everything. Even when it seems there is none, we will find one for you.

And at the same time, we save your time - our specialists deal with you throughout the project lifecycle to bring better insight into the business situation, fewer misunderstandings and faster operation.

Critical situations call for creativity

JUSDA teams are experienced in complex supply chains designed for demanding customers in very dynamic industries. We became especially strong in crisis management as we have supported our clients in many crisis and difficult situations. We map the problem, set up a feasible plan and stabilize the situation within hours. As a globally operating company, we never go to sleep, any timezone is our timezone,” says Lukáš Škodrna, Supply Chain  and Excellence Delivery Manager.

How smart can you get with us?

Apart from our people, solution portfolio and flexible client support, we value our smart information systems facilitating a smooth and flawless operation and execution. We have developed a set of unique software tools bringing time and cost savings together with a smooth execution of high-value services such as reworking, order picking, or JIS/JIT. You can learn more about our WMS, TMS, SCT solutions in the related article HERE.

“We are big enough to serve well yet small enough to serve fast.”


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