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JUSDA Europe Warehouses in The Netherlands

Are you searching for space in The Netherlands? Our warehouses in Wijchen and Venray are ready to receive and manage your goods. We provide a wide range of value-add warehousing services to fit all your specific requirements in terms of storage, handling, regulatory compliances, safety and security. Currently in Wijchen there is more than 10 000 m2 warehouse space available and more than 11 000 m2 in Venray. In addition to warehouse space we can offer office space as well.


Wijchen warehouse is located in the so called “Logistics Valley” of the Dutch province of Gelderland near the German border and offers many opportunities for business in logistics and goods transportation. Its location and connections by water, rail and road are unique. In addition the location offers immediate access to the major motorways A73, A326 and A50.


Venray warehouse is located in the North Limburg region which again offers a strong logistics sector. The proximity of the German hinterland and the presence of multimodal infrastructure are some of its strong features, which have ensured that many European Distribution Centers have established their operations in this region like JUSDA.


For more information please contact us at nl.sales@jusdaeurope.com and nbd@jusdaeurope.com

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