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2018 / 09 / 18

JUSDA transported aircraft

Based on repeated cooperation with CzechTrade's foreign office in Chengdu, China, we also helped to ensure the transportation of an ultralight aircraft and aircraft cockpit from a Czech...
2018 / 02 / 16

JUSDA is using Office 365

Our company began to use Office 365. With the modern cloud system, our work activities will become more efficient. We can now work globally, where we want, and when we want, accessing data without...
2018 / 02 / 01

Going Green

Within JUSDA we recognise the need to preserve the environment and are keen to support this by working with our partners to ensure we save energy and reduce our carbon footprint.
2018 / 01 / 08

JUSDA goes Dutch

JUSDA Europe has recently established a new entity in the Netherland's, in the city of Wijchen.
2017 / 11 / 27

JUSDA Europe is launching a new website

GLOBAL LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS became JUSDA Europe in March 2017. The new company has been working on its new identity since the transformation.
2017 / 11 / 01

$10 billion business in the USA: JUSDA in charge of logistics

JUSDA is part of an investment plan dubbed “Flying Eagle”. Foxconn will invest $10 billion to create a state-of-the-art LCD manufacturing facility in Wisconsin.

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