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JUSDA References Relocation from the Netherlands: A tailor-made solution for our client

Relocation from the Netherlands: A tailor-made solution for our client

Our client required a solution for the transfer of PC Monitors Fullfillment Operations from the Netherlands to the Czech Republic.

Merging manufacturing processes

One of Jusda Europe´s key clients requested we prepare a proposal for relocating some part of operations which would lead to costs reduction.

In addition to the transfer of their business activities, we ensured the possibility to merge the monitors with other products already produced in Czech, such as PCs, notebooks and PC accessories improving the current E2E leadtime to the Market.

Benefit of the right location

As we are located very near to the outsourced manufacturing partner, and already supporting this site, our client was able to leverage our existing cooperation; systemic connectivity and minimise any start-up Non Recurring Expenses.

This move allowed our client to benefit from lower labour costs in the Czech Republic, including improved leadtimes to market as the monitors are now located near to the manufacturing of the Computing products and are passing through JUSDA Distribution Centre in Pardubice.

To maximize process efficiency, we have also deployed a packaging robot, an integral part of JUSDA’s intention to invest in Industry 4.0.

Jan Pachla
Warehouse Manager at JUSDA

Increased customer satisfaction

Thanks to relocating from the Netherlands to the Czech Republic, we were able to deliver a significant reduction in costs related to lower headcount and improvement of the E2E leadtime to their customers, therefore driving increased customer satisfaction.

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