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JUSDA References A multinational saves $10M every year after analysis from JUSDA

A multinational saves $10M every year after analysis from JUSDA

Our customer requested a solution which would lead to greenhouse gas emissions and freight costs reduction.

Potential for improvement

An American multinational technology conglomerate which develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, telecommunication equipment and other high-end technology services and products approached JUSDA Europe to design a solution to help the company reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as the freight costs.

Our team needed to conduct a feasibility study which would reduce GHG and freight costs to enable to retain optimised freight time flexibility.

Expensive Air Freight

JUSDA Europe created a team of skilled local logisticians and customs specialists who were supported by our colleagues from China. We closely examined the customer´s current processes and solutions.

Our examination showed that our customer spends an unnecessary amount of money on air freight, which is the most expensive, and not eco friendly method.

Considering our customer´s time and material volume requests, we proposed to use a rail freight solution which would partly replace air freight and at the same time deliver GHG emissions reduction while retaining time flexibility.

The whole study was supposed to be completed within a three week timeframe. Our client wanted to take quick action.

Graeme Strachan, Jakub Válek
Logistics experts at JUSDA

Greener and more efficient

Our customer decided to follow our suggestions and partially replaced air with rail freight. This will lead to GHG emissions reduction by 34,3K metric tonnes per year, which represents an 8,8% reduction of our customer’s overall savings in 4 years.

Apart from the stated GHG reduction, we have also managed to obtain a substantial saving of $10M per annum in relation to freight costs of our client.

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