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Special Services

Seamless product flow is the key to a successful supply chain. If you seek to increase operational efficiency while optimising supply chain and exceeding service levels, the difference between success and failure lies in smart usage of optimised value added services. Let JUSDA offer you a wide range of services from business control tower, customer service, customs brokerage, insurance to inventory optimisation.

Consulting services

Time becomes a valuable commodity

Business control tower is a tailor-made solution which combines technology, industry expertise and logistics knowledge to fulfill customers needs in enhanced end-to-end visibility and thus help to optimise logistics costs, lead times and inventory levels.

JUSDA brings following benefits:

  • End-to-end visibility of transport and inventory
  • Increased transparency
  • One point of contact with streamline communication
  • Incident & deviation management
  • Extensive reporting possibilities
  • Cost saving opportunuties

Customer service means an every day challenge

Customer service is a process for providing a significant value added benefit to the supply chain in the most cost effective way. Customers are becoming ever more demanding towards logistics providers, expecting updates, advice and access to real-time data.

Also a highly skilled expert contact person is expected to provide insights into transportation and warehousing processes.

JUSDA focuses on these features:

  • On-line helpdesk & process monitoring
  • Time, data and communication accuracy
  • Documents management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Continuous improvements
  • Tailor-made reporting and KPIs

Experts from JUSDA make the world compliant

Our well-qualified customs specialists coordinate efficient and enhanced transactions between our customers and customs authorities.

With our understanding of the documentation, licensing requirements, legal and compliance concerns, and local specifics, JUSDA passes through customs clearance in the most time & cost effective way.

JUSDA specialises in:

  • Import declarations
  • Transit declarations
  • Export declarations
  • Customs regimes
  • Intrastat reporting
  • Customs consultancy

JUSDA keeps your business protected

Modern supply chains and multimodal transportation pose truly global challenges. JUSDA responds to these challenges with worldwide cargo insurance as an additional logistics service.

JUSDA can also arrange, on request, all risk insurance coverage up to $1 million per occurence, which gives you, our valued customer, complete peace of mind in respect to any unfortunate incident that may happen during transport.

Our solutions offer multiple possibilities:

  • Commercial general liability
  • Against errors and omissions
  • Coverage for international and domestic goods in transit
  • Freight forwarder’s liability
  • Seafreight liability coverage
  • Airfreight liability coverage

Solution fine-tuned to your needs

Apart from our people, solution portfolio and flexible client support, we value JUSDA's information systems. Our experts have developed a set of unique software tools bringing time and cost savings together with smooth execution of high-value services. These are designed to help you facilitate smooth, flawless planning and optimise inventory ownership.

JUSDA works with these tools:

  • Inventory strategy development
  • Supply demand matching
  • Forecasting and inventory planning
  • Replenishment and deployment
  • Sourcing and stocking strategies
  • Inventory optimisation technology
  • Performance monitoring and analytics

Team Up With Smartness

We are approachable

Whenever we begin a new project, we set a team of subject matter experts. You deal with the same team from the very beginning until a successful conclusion.

Following a consultation. Our team will visit your premises, discusses your processes so we can use our experience, flexibility and creativity to suggest a more efficient and cost-effective solution for your business.

Our Chinese background taught us to act fast to get the hard job done anytime. We have an abundance of experience helping companies in crisis management. We are readily available to assist within hours if necessary. We believe it is never too late to find a way to meet your requirements.

We are lean & mean

We help define your needs and look for solutions which provide better service with added value.

We have already succeeded in implementing new operations within a few month’s time. We are able to shorten the lead time to 4-6 months according to the type of operations.

Our experts believe customisation is the key. Our warehouse management system enables us to make it work for your specific needs. It can work in semi-automated mode which prevents mistakes in operations. We are confident in providing reliable value-add services as JIT or reworking with components scanning.

We always see a solution

We pride ourselves on being flexible. JUSDA services and products are not strictly defined. We customise our solutions to deliver exactly what you need. It means we don’t have to alter our company’s procedures to meet requirements of your business.

Teams from JUSDA listen to your problems and find ways to help even when larger companies cannot. There is no problem for JUSDA to work beyond its services. Our customers define our limits.

We keep the hands-on attitude and we listen to you.

JUSDA in the world

  • 1,000+
    international routes
  • 155+ 
    worldwide locations
  • 70,000+
    tons transported by air every year
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Why choose Jusda?


Relocation from the Netherlands: A tailor-made solution for our client

To maximize process efficiency, we have also deployed a packaging robot, an integral part of JUSDA’s intention to invest in Industry 4.0.

Jan Pachla
Warehouse Manager at JUSDA

IT company decreases residual material returns by 70% with a solution from JUSDA

Based on our experience, we wanted to create and submit a new pick/kit to line processes aligned with all other warehouse related processes and thus deliver a complex solution.

Jiří Friml
Warehousing expert at JUSDA

Hewlett Packard Enterprise relies on JUSDA

We are pleased Hewlett Packard Enterprise sees JUSDA Europe as a strong partner to cooperate with. We always keep our customer-focused approach in mind.

Graeme Strachan
Key Account Manager at JUSDA

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